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My name is V and I am a certified transformational health & life coach. I coach women (and men too!) who want to claim their optimal health & wellbeing now and for the long haul. I lost my dear parents early and unexpectedly. I miss their presence in our family life tremendously. I don’t want that to happen to my own kiddo! I want to live a long, healthy, vibrant life AND contribute to my daughter’s life. How about you? What is true for you? I help my clients transform their health, life, their whole essence inside and outside. I coach them how to make empowered food & lifestyle choices, eat healthy for their unique body, say goodbye to overeating/stress eating, binges, cravings, and more. I help them lose weight, overcome digestive challenges – all without starving or depriving themselves. I meet YOU wherever YOU are right now. My clients are open minded and are typically (not always!) in their mid 30’s to mid 50’s. A nice side effect that occur as a result of our working together is your body finding its natural weight, once and for all. 

Are you READY to commit to yourself and take responsibility for your own health? Through my Fit & Fabulous, Inside and Out: The Total Body Transformation system, my clients are empowered to take charge of their health, transform their bodies & minds to own their optimal health. When we work together, I coach, support, and gently stretch you to take step by step changes in your eating and lifestyle habits to get you where you want to go no matter how far you may feel you have fallen from your path.

Do you feel challenged by any of the following? 

  • Confusion about various nutritional, dieting, and healthy eating advice? What the heck am I supposed to eat for my health & body? 
  • Disapproval, eyerolls from family and/or friends when making healthier choices? 
  • Emotional, stress and overeating, digestive challenges (bloating, gas, reflux etc.) that can rob you of energy or put you on the trajectory of potential lifestyle disease? 
  • Those stubborn excess pounds – losing and then gain it all (or more) back?
  • Sugar cravings and that 2-4pm slump when looking for easy carbs as a pick-me up?
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, and that negative self talk in your head (Gremlin voices)?
  • Having tried EVERYTHING and still not getting the results you envision for your health & body? 

What if you could experience this kind of health and body in 3 months:

  • Having crystal clear clarity on how healthy eating looks like for YOUR unique body, how to eat mindfully and for nourishment 
  • Trusting, knowing, and owning that you, too, can have optimal health  
  • Having resiliency & bouncing back quickly when going into your downward cycles 
  • Enjoying your favorite sweet treats in guilt-free moderation; taming your triggers
  • Discovering and maintaining your body’s ideal weight, once and for all
  • Your path to OPTIMAL HEALTH – long, active, physically & mentally healthy life
  • Turning your challenges into gifts; creating new healthy habits effortlessly 

Are you ready to show up for yourself and transform your health, body, and life?

If your answer is YES, I would be honored to help you discover your health goals in my complimentary ”Fit & Fabulous, Inside and Out” Total Transformation Breakthrough Session.

Why act NOW? Let me ask you this: what is going to be different in 3 months? Or in 6 or 12 months and beyond from now when keep doing the same thing? ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE & LIFE TO YOUR YEARS NOW! Click here and book your breakthrough session NOW!