V’s quick story

After two Masters degrees and a kiddo, I decided to follow my deep interest and curiosity in health and nutrition. As a young adult and throughout my 20’s I struggled with an unhealthy diet, sugar  addiction, emotional eating, weight challenges, headaches, stomachaches, yo-yo dieting, and food deprivation. Then adrenal fatigue, gut issues, thyroid challenges, anxiety, and depression also surfaced in my 30s. My parents’ untimely passing and my own health struggles woke me up to the need to better understand nutrition and how to eat healthy for my unique body, who am I being when I am eating, and what my relationship to food is. Becoming a mom further deepened that need to figure these out for not just myself but for my family as well. I learned about nutritionally dense organic whole foods, I started working with my own coach, and I committed myself not only to the nutritional aspect of my health, but also to my personal growth. This new way of eating and living saved me from further decline. I slowly started to feel better in all areas of my health and life. It was enormously empowering and prompted me to help others, like yourself, with their health & wellbeing. It is said that our curiosity and interests (optimal health/wellbeing for me) often point us towards our life purpose and calling. It is SO true for me. I am aligned when I am coaching and am passionate about helping YOU with your health challenges. 

I am a certified health & life coach by the Health Coach Institute (HCI), accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also successfully completed my Diploma as an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor with The Health Sciences Academy in Great Britain. My self growth and continued education are very important to me. I am currently in HCI’s Mastery Program (masterful coach training). I could not be more excited!

Healthy eating and who we are being when we are eating may not be the only steps you can take towards your optimal health. However, they are undoubtedly very important ones. What may be right & healthy food for one may not be supporting you and your unique body. Eating well and nutritionally balanced for our body not only improves our bodily health, but also our mental state. It matters to our body and brain what we feed ourselves. Food is information, and is not simply calories in and out. Equally, if not more important is how we show up for ourselves at mealtimes (and any other area of our life) and what our relationship to food is. With the right system, support, and accountability one can absolutely step towards their optimal health and wellbeing.