“V had been my health coach in the last few months, and it has been a truly insightful process. V has the necessary “tough love” nudges along with her incredibly patient support. Since we have started, I learnt to trade self-judgement for curiosity and I, now, am able to say “how interesting”, whenever I recognize that I am being hijacked by my feelings/emotions and heading towards the fridge. I can also make a conscious decision whether or not to eat: am I really hungry, or am I just seeking to substitute a desired feeling with food? I am learning to expand my toolkit to become more resilient. I am not fixated on “proper” sports anymore. I am not an athlete and V helped me realize that I do not have to be one to be healthy and fit. I am getting better at focusing on the progress, and not on the outcome. I am successfully beating procrastination by breaking my projects into smaller chunks and by focusing on the progress one step at a time. I am building healthier boundaries and new habits. V helped me act upon my knowledge, to actually take those baby steps, that are the key to change & transformation. I am grateful for having found V as my health coach to guide and accompany me along my journey. Thank you, V!” Eva K.T. – Hungary

“V helped me break through my self-sabotage when it comes to eating healthy and soften into gradually letting go of judgment and the consequential downward cycles. I love the freedom in making conscious choices about what I eat and I enjoy every bite of it. I can also enjoy my occasional wine (when out with friends) in guilt-free moderation! With V’s help, I got back on the lifestyle diet that supports my body best at this time and gives me a good grip on my cravings. I lost 7 pounds in just 3-4 weeks (and more to come off)! I also feel clear in my thinking, I am calm, and I don’t feel anxious any longer. V also helped me get back to my exercise routine that I am now committed to. I also took steps to get my sleep back on track. My overall health and outlook on what health means for me changed. The best part is that I, now, am the role model for my daughter that I always wanted to be. That’s my new baseline and I am excited for my next goals to get to my next level of baseline.” Genevieve D. – Multnomah Village, OR

“In just a short few weeks of working with V, I lost my first 5 pounds! I am making simple & easy-to-follow lifestyle and mealtime habit changes with ease and great results. The best part is that I am eating my favorite foods. No deprivation or dieting (!), thanks to my brilliant health coach. I am more proud to have lost these 5 pounds than losing 60 pounds with an external food intake regulator I had in the past! My heart, my soul, my whole being is in the game this time. Taking small steps at a time really works. I also broke through several mental blocks around my weight loss resistance, my motivation is back in business to keep me going, and I, now, do my favorite physical movement not only with consistency but also with pleasure. My favorite eye opening realizations about my health journey so far are to experience a ‘judgement free safe zone’ in my sessions with V and to soften into owning the parts of my own health responsibility. People do not typically need or want advice. However, they need a supportive hand, ears that listen and a heart that understands. V has got all of the above in her small frame but very powerful self.” Nvard Tngryan – West Linn, OR

“I had 5 or 6 sessions with Health/Life Coach V thus far in her 90-Day Program. I am experiencing changes and results left and right in several areas of my life. I, now, have more energy & motivation ( yippee! ) and I got my house 30-40% organized in a few weeks of working with my coach, I met a man who adores me and my daughter, and my health is back on track too. It is amazing how one area of our life can affect the other parts. I wanted and needed accountability. I am a type A person and if there is just one thing unchecked on my list it can be a big bother to me. I broke through several mental blocks to tackle bigger projects with more ease. V has helped me see that small hinges can swing even big doors open, and that I can let go of anxious energy when some things are undone on my daily list. Also, when feeling stalled – it does not have to bring on my self-sabotage cycle, I now see more options to choose from. It works like magic for me to have a coach who gives me accountability and support (when I feel off), and who holds me to my highest self. And guess what? – I feel so much more aligned with my life and being that I decided to go for an overseas trip! This is a big undertaking for me AND I am doing it anyway. Thank you, V!” Dr. M. U. – West Linn, OR

“V is just natural, when it comes to coaching. A natural coach. This is the best way I can describe her. I am an HR Professional, and I have worked with quite a few coaches, and V had the greatest impact on me so far. Her enthusiasm and honest interest is truly uplifting. She builds rapport and connects to people instantly, in an easy and natural way. She listens actively, with her whole being, and wants to understand the intentions behind the actions people take. She is also a great mirror, as she constantly provides feedback and sensitively addresses points that require more time and effort, and/or should be discussed further. She walks the talk, her own journey makes her an authentic health coach. Her words of motivation can strengthen the mind and uplift the soul, while her intuition and empathic guidance make every session enjoyable and meaningful.” Éva Tánczos – Budapest, Hungary

“Having been dealing with stomach problems for most of my life I decided to work with health coach V. My goal was to take a closer look at my diet and make changes where necessary. One of the biggest benefits of having V coach me through this process was the fact that she offered me the accountability that I needed to follow through to meet my goals. She checked in with me at the end of each session about the expectations I set for myself to make sure I thought they were reasonable and attainable. The accountability she provided is exactly what I wanted. If for whatever reason I couldn’t meet my goals, V lovingly had me celebrate the tiny things I was able to do. We dove into what was holding me back with curiosity. V also helped me find ways to empower myself to reach my goals. I gained clarity about my challenges and V helped me see that my health goals are absolutely possible. I took forward steps after steps to figure out the causes of my tummy discomforts and with V’s help I incorporated dietary changes that have huge (positive) impacts on my digestive health. V is gifted in listening, understanding, and rephrasing things that I had difficulty putting into words. She is very caring, kind, and straightforward. Thank you V!” Nicole M. – Beaverton, OR

“V is an intuitive and holistic health coach who has a passion to help you get to the bottom of your road-blocks. She creates a warm and inviting space to ask yourself the tough questions and provides guidance to help you seek out answers and implement solutions. I am a mom, a wife, a health care professional and backup support for my husband’s small business startup. Time has become a precious commodity in our busy schedules. As our life and family schedules have evolved, healthy home cooked family meals and the energy that surrounds this time was getting lost in the mix. Due to the many changes in our lives we were losing the healthy balances we had focused on in our younger years. My time with V has helped me acknowledge, refocus, enhance and return to those healthier patterns of living. V’s ability to create a stage for one to open up, reflect and build a path of resolve is something anyone will find benefit in! She is warm, genuine and supportive in a way that helps you achieve what you could not achieve on your own.” E.S. – Portland, Oregon