Welcome To My Website

Hello, my name is V and I am a certified transformational health coach. I coach women (and men too!) who want to Add Years To Their Life and Life To Their Years. I guide you along the road of transforming your health, body and life – your whole essence inside & outside. I lost my dear parents early and unexpectedly. I miss their presence in our family life tremendously. I have taken great learnings from their untimely passing, and from my own chronic health struggles. I know I want to live long & healthy, have a robust immune system (that combats viruses, chronic & autoimmune illnesses, bacteria, pathogens, pandemics), be present (and not a burden) to my daughter’s life, in the very long haul. How about you? What is true for you?

I work with Individuals who have gone through a lot of different avenues in the hopes to heal from chronic fatigue, lose weight, heal their digestive tracts, who have spent a ton of resources on doctors, dietitians, fad diets, and found no lasting success. Yet! 

My clients struggle with any or a combination of the following:

  • unshakable fatigue that never leaves you, no matter how healthy you eat, how much you rest & sleep
  • digestive challenges (belly bloats, gas, malabsorption, reflux and similar)
  • headaches/migraines/brain fog/dizziness/vertigo/mild depression 
  • weight gain for no apparent reason that no exercise nor any popular diet seem to solve
  • confusion about various nutritional & dieting advice – what the heck am I supposed to eat? 
  • excess weight (10-40 lbs) & yoyo dieting – losing some pounds and then gain it all (or more) back?
  • feelings of guilt, shame, and that negative self talk in your head 

YOU have tried EVERYTHING, yet you are not getting the enivisoned results for your health & body. 

If you have any of these symptoms above, you most likely have gone to several doctors, tried out a ton of traditional and alternative healing modules and spent a lot of resources. Yet, you still haven’t found substantial relief from your symptoms and healing seems a far reach. I work with individuals who have not given up – despite all previous hard work and disappointments – neither on themselves nor on their health, and who understand that healing is a journey. Also, who are committed to giving me as a coach and Medical Medium teachings an honest try. 

What if you could experience this kind of health and body in 3-4 months:

  • waking up feeling rested, having energy throughout the day
  • digesting your food with ease
  • eating for healing & unique symptoms (not for the faux tastes, or numbing stress/emotions out) 
  • maintaining your ideal weight, once and for all
  • having resiliency & bouncing back quickly when going into your downward cycles
  • turning your challenges into gifts; creating new healthy habits with ease
  • trusting and owning that you, too, can have optimal health & wellbeing

Are you ready to show up for yourself and transform your body, health, and life?

If your answer is YES, I would be honored to help you discover your health goals in my complimentary breakthrough session.

You may wonder why act NOW? Let me ask you this: what is going to be different in 3 months? Or in 6 or 12 months and beyond from now when you keep doing the same thing? ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE & LIFE TO YOUR YEARS NOW! Click here to book your complimentary breakthrough session NOW!