Medical Medium

Anthony William’s (the Medical Medium, MM for short) book and information brought profound healing for me from my autoimmune labels (CFS, Thyroid, IBS), digestive challenges (major gas, bloating, nutrient malabsorption, basically very very weak stomach acid or HCL), dizziness, headaches, and poor nighttime sleep. My CFS – chronic fatigue symptom was to the point that I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning, and if it was not for my daughter and husband, I would have just stayed there. I was on track to get a diagnoses (yes, plural) no one wants to get.

Couple that with the emotional binge eating that I had struggled with as a teenager, and before that as a competitive athlete. Fortunately, I started implementing MM’s healing tools with the basics like his lemon water, celery juicing, heavy metal detox smoothie and some crucial supplements.

Healing did not happen overnight, but over a course of 5-6 months my transformation was night and day. If you are to work with me I will ask you if you are open to his messages. (you can check out his website, bio, books, recipes, recommended supplements, and the amazing sea of healing tools here:

Like so many, I was very reluctant and skeptical, at first, to listen to someone who does not have a medical degree, and hears a voice from Spirit of Compassion (since he was 4 years old), he calls it SOC (or Spirit) for short. Then I learned that not only millions are following him (podcasts, FB, Insta, and other social media platforms & lives) all over the world, but also millions have healed from chronic and autoimmune illnesses of all sorts with what he hears from SOC. You may accept his experience of hearing SOC as it is or you may have to get past it – whichever it is you do, once you listen to what he is saying (including the crucial details!), and give a deep and honest go to the information shared via MM, a world of healing opens up to you. You will never ever want to go back to the way you were living/eating. I know I won’t. 

I am grateful for all the different stations of my healing journey – from medical, naturopathic, functional medicine, and holistic doctors to energy workers, psychotherapy, emotion work (passed down from my ancestors), muscle testing and many other alternative modules. I learned a great deal of golden nuggets from each and every one of them. I was going from one appointment to another for about 8-10 years, spending our family financial resources as many of the alternative modalities were not covered by our health insurance. Unfortunately, none could bring me lasting results. I have also tried out all the trendy diets out there (keto, paleo, vegan, no nightshades, no fruits just berries, no lectins, MCT oils, coffee enemas, charcoal, you name it) to keep my chronic symptoms at bay. Again, with no lasting results. I could only get temporary reliefs from symptoms.

Anthony explains the true cause of chronic suffering in his books which no doctor could ever tell me. I never gave up on my health, thank goodness. That’s a strength of mine that I am super happy to have. I know many accept their autoimmune & chronic labels, aches and pain and they are tired of trying yet another thing out. Not me. I am SO incredibly grateful I have ever found MM and his books. They are not like any other out there. The information is often the complete opposite we have been conditioned to believe around food, chronic and autoimmune illnesses. His informaiton is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It is for the ones who went through a lot, haven’t given up, and want to heal. 

He is very respectful of doctors, he knows most of them have their heart in the right place and it is not their fault that they don’t have the knowledge of the cause of chronic sufferings and to heal us. MM says that what Spirit shares with him is decades or even centuries ahead of the current science for chronic illnesses. He absolutely respects today’s high technological advances for acute and live saving science. He does get tons of criticism as he ‘only’ has street credits from millions who have healed with his info. That’s good enough social proof for me.

MM is passionate about helping folks. So am I. The key really is in the details. I have dug deeply in his books, podcasts, website, social media lives. I am up to date on his latest info. It is my job (that I LOVE) to keep up with what SOC shares via MM. I extract the relevant information so you don’t have to spend endless hours to read and listen to take and figure out how to integrate all the healing information in your life. (However, I will share links with you to listen or read, whatever I deem important for your unique situation.)

When we work together, I will guide you, give you a system, support, and accountability, extracted & curated information and healing tools. These tools are embedded in my Healing, In and Outside: The Total Transformation program.

Your job is to show up for yourself for the time we are working together. With that, it is important to know that everyone’s healing timeline is different. You may make incredible leaps and bounds in my program’s 3-4 month timeframe. You may also have to keep going until you have a breakthrough. People vary from a few months to a couple of years to experience breakthroughs. It took me about a half a year to feel significant improvements in my health. I am here to walk along you on your journey however long you want me to.

When you work with me for the first time, we start with my Healing, In & Outside: The Total Transformation system. Sign up for the initial breakthrough session here.