What Is Health Coaching?

Coaching is a development process in which the coach guides, encourages and supports you, the coachee, on your journey to become the person you want to be and have the health you want. 

I specalize in Health Coaching, so the focus of our journey will be on your health and wellbeing. I work with folks who are challeneged daily with chronic (unshakeable) fatigue, digestive issues, and who want to lose weight. People who have gone to many many doctors, dietitians, alternative and holistic realms, and still have not found solution to their health challenges. Furthermore, my clients are typically ones who have not given up on themselves nor their health despite their rollercoaster journeys thus far. Healing is abosolutely possible, no matter how far you have fallen off track! I may be just another stop in your journey, it is all about trial and errors to figure out what works for us as an individual. While you and I work together, I will be your cheerleader, who gives you tough-love or say things others won’t. I will become the ear that listens and the eyes that see you. I will walk alongside with you you on your journey. I will ask questions and introduce you to various tools, techniques & methods to help you discover your patterns, tame your triggers, and build new habits for your optimal health and wellbeing, so you align with how you want to feel, every single day.